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OOC: Mod Note: Welcome!


Fourty years ago something happened and all memeories were lost. Memories are stored away, becoming even more precious than gold and jewels. Because of this there is a negotiator and his megadeuce the Big O.


One day Roger Smith, Paradigm City's top negotiator, went to negotiate a kidnapping with his now rival Beck Gold and retrieved the android R. Dorothy Waynewright. Roger Smith pilots a megadeuce known as The Big O and now lives in his mansion along with his butler Norman and Dorothy. Currently Roger is trying to unravel the mystery of Paradigm City and its lost memories as more and more people try to gain them. At the same time he must go up against madmen such as Schwarzwald and Alex Rosewater along with Beck Gold, all who oppose him.


  • Roger Smith - uozlulu
  • R. Dorothy Waynewright - __brokenvoid
  • Norman
  • Lieutenant Dan Daustun
  • Beck Gold
  • Angel
  • Alex Rosewater
  • Schwarzwald

  • Proceedure

  • Use your own journal. Just ask to join the community and once you're approved you're in and can take a journal that hasn't been taken yet. (however whoever wants can watch the community)
  • Character Entry: If you're making an entry that your character posts and you want to get replies to it from other characters, put "Entry" in your subject line. If you would like to make an entry you don't want replies to, put "Private" in the subject line.
  • When posting for the first time: Please state:
    Character Desired:
    AIM Screename: (you can use your normal average one)
  • User Picture: It'd be nice if you could have a picture of your character as one of your three (or maybe more) icons so that we know who is posting the entry at quick glance. You can add more than one user picture by going to manage > user pictures > add > browse > choose your file > give it a keyword. Then when you want to use it, click on Display Picture, then from a drop down menu pick the keyword you selected for your character picture.
  • When you want to tell us something but not as your character put OOC or Out of Character in your subject heading


    1. No Netspeak
    2. Repsect all members
    3. Remember to put in your subject heading if it's an OOC, Entry, Private entry, ect...or if anyone cannot reply to it
    4. You can use AIM to make chats, please when putting up a chat transcript, put it in an lj-cut and state which characters are involved
    5. Please keep your cursing to a minimal. Don't use words they don't use in the show please.
    6. Anyone may watch this community, but you must be approved to be a member
    7. All entries to the community will be under the heading Public unless it's a special note from the management

    Questions? Comments?

    Contact __brokenvoid or uozlulu

    Thank you and have fun.
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